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Monday Morning Coffee: The Week Flappy Bird Died

RIP Flappy Bird

So it’s official, Flappy Bird is no longer available for download.  The viral hit achieved enormous popularity in the last week or so despite the fact that it was almost a year old.  Ad revenue hit an average of $50,000 a day.

The game’s infinite maze of Mario-like pipes created an experience that was at once exhilarating and infuriating.  The sudden onset of success prompted the game’s creator to announce that he would be pull the plug.  Here’s to you Flappy Bird.  You will haunt our dreams forever or whatever.

Now here are reads to get you going on your week:

Brands Will Need Those War Rooms They Set Up in Sochi

Social media, that unruly beast.  Olympic sponsors understandably have been trying to get extra miles out of their Olympics campaigns, but activists have been hijacking hashtags in protest.  T.L. Stanley at Mashable breaks down the situation and explains why brands should figure out how to respond to critics. 

Twitter’s Other Growth Problem: Keeping the Users It Already Has (Re/Code)

Twitter is growing up.  The social media giant had its first earnings call last week, which indicated that user growth has slowed a bit.  This spooked investors, spurring on a 20% drop in Twitter’s stock price.  Perhaps the more compelling problem Re/Code contributor, Mike Issac, asserts is user retention.  Check out his piece here:

Airbnb Swoops to Rescue Reporters With #Sochi Problems (Digiday)

Real-time marketing is a delicate dance.  Very slight details separate marketers from renowned success or abject failure.  Airbnb’s and their agency took a stab at capitalizing on the poor Sochi Olympics hotel room conditions by offering nicer accommodations through their platform.  Check out how Airbnb faired:

Walter White’s Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video Is the Only One Worth Watching (Mashable)

Facebook introduced the ‘Look Back’ video as a way to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  The Facebook put together a nifty video chronicling the infamous Walt White’s life.  Well-played Zuckerberg.

Yahoo Will Reportedly Tap Into Yelp for Local Search Results

Yahoo needs to breathe life into its services.  The latest move is aimed at improving the local search results.  Will it make Yahoo more relevant?  Read about it here:

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