Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee: The Super Bowl Aftermath Edition

More on Facebook: “The Year Facebook Blew Past Google”

Peter Kafka of Re/Code wrote an interesting piece on how Facebook referral data surged past Google referral traffic for BuzzFeed last year.  Kafka argues that BuzzFeed and its other web properties are a pretty good measure of what’s happening on the broader web.  The results, while not perfect, show that social and more specifically Facebook, is still of strategic importance.

Digiday asks, “What else could you buy for the price of a Super Bowl ad?”

Jack Marshall of Digiday put together a great rundown of the real-time marketing efforts during the Super Bowl.  New Jersey Transit was a drag, the game was a drag, the ads were kind of a drag and last night’s real-time marketing didn’t do too much to brighten things up.  Read more here:

On Super Bowls and SEO Trolls Past

Someone figured out that before the Super Bowl, a lot of people would search for the start time of the big game.  Of those people, many would spell it “Superbowl.”  Find out how one enterprising SEO troll took advantage.  The story is more riveting than last nights “football” game.

J.C. Penney Tried to Make a Joke During the Super Bowl on Twitter, the Internet Call J.C. Penney Out for “Drunk Tweeting.”  Joke Failed.

 This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Check it out here on Mashable:

And OMG Those Multi-Million Dollar Super Bowl Ads…

On the whole, the ads last night were not all that good.  With a $4 million ad spend, the objective is to keep people talking about it long after the Super Bowl, right?  Most of the ads didn’t make the cut in our opinion.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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